Ongoing Programmers / Activities

Some of the ongoing programmers and activities were interrupted by the earthquakes and are in the process of being re-introdced and further developed.  These include:

Operation and Management of Residential Care Home:

Surya Children Welfare Service Center, Nepal has established a Residential Care Home for housing children who have been orphaned and are without parental care. The service offered are residential care for needy children, providing education by enrolling them in public and private school, providing regular health check-ups and care facilities as  required and conduct recreational activities on a regular basis. The Residential Care Home has the capacity of housing 30 children age between 2 years to 12 years. All of our children attend regular school in the nearby locality with the support of the organization.

Running Informal Education Class and Educational Activities:

The organization believes that education is the key for overall development of children and adults. Education opens opportunity in life. Therefore, the organization runs informal education classes and educational activities for the children and parents from the local neighborhood, and children living in the center. The aim, in case of children, is to prepare them to go on to formal education. In the case of adults, it is to enable them to support their daily life activities as well as to support their children. Besides this, in case of adults, these activities are considered as entry point to attract them towards Income Generation (IG) activities and livelihood schemes.

Health check-up and Health Awareness activities:

The organization provides health check-up facilities by coordination with  health service providing organizations. Moreover, the organization invites health professional to the center for regular health check-ups of the children as well as to sponsor health camps. Health programmers also consist of components to promote health education and raise children and adults’ knowledge and understanding for their personal and environmental health and hygiene.

Family Reintegration

Family is the best place for children. All children have right to live with their family by securing love care and affection of family members. Respecting these rights of the children, the organization conducts reintegration programmer to unite children with their family and extended families. Surya Children Welfare Service Center, Nepal has so far reintegrated a total of nine children with their families, out of them, six boys and three girls. Amongst them, one of the children is continuously getting educational support (support includes books and stationeries, school uniform and admission fee etc). In case of other children, the families are providing necessary support for their education, health and other basic needs.

Recreational activities

Recreational service is mainly targeted for children living in the Residential Care Home. The very aim of the programmer is to provide and maximize opportunity for children’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. Recreational services are also run with the aim of developing self-confidence, trust, mutual cooperation as well as providing the children socialization opportunities.

Supporting to minors living with their parents in Prisons:

There are a large number of children who are living in prisons with their parents as dependent children. As per the statistics of bys Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB) in 2009, there are 82 children (of them 42 girls and 40 boys) living with their parents in various prisons of Nepal. A majority of these children are living in prison with the parents because they do not have family members outside to provide them care and support. Prison is not the place for children to live and grow. The environment inside a prison does not support children’s healthy development. Therefore, the organization is maintaining regular contact with the parents and jail authorities (mainly of the prisons within Kathmandu valley) either to release these children permanently or to let them go out in the day-time for their education and other activities.

Income Generation Activities to Women in Need

At present, the organization is running skill development and livelihood training, mainly targeting to mothers from the neighboring communities with the objective of increasing their family income. Surya Children Welfare Service Center, Nepal has already basic training on candle making, sewing and netting, beautician work and fabric design. So far, these women are undergoing training and most of them are utilizing their new skills to support their families and children.