Nepal is small country with snow capped mountains, beautiful valleys and plains. The country has diversified geography and topography, socio-cultural, and religious sectors. The population of children in Nepal constitutes more than a half of its population and a majority of these children are under the age of 18 years.

Despite its various efforts the Government of Nepal has not been able to ensure rights of children particularly those from marginalized families and communities living in difficult circumstances. There are huge numbers of children who are orphaned, and are living in hopeless conditions due to lack of support mechanisms to ensure their fundamental rights. All sections of the society have a significant role to play to support these children to fulfill their fundamental human rights and freedoms, and uplifting them and their families economically and socially.

Children should have an environment conducive to their healthy development and growth. The basic rights of the children need to be respected, promoted and protected; and the root causes that push children into difficult circumstances need to be addressed. This leads to a situation where they enjoy opportunities enhance their potential to develop themir potential to become productive adults.

All children deserve the right to live in a family environment with love, care and affection, and where they can experience joy, happiness and mutual understanding.

Surya Children Welfare Service Center, Nepal was established with this understanding and the initiation of a group of professionals who strongly believe in and accept  their obligation towards the society in general and towards millions of children who are forced to live in difficult circumstances. The team strongly believes that every good deed has its own value in itself and working to serve even a small number of people in need is vitally equally important.