The following are present and long-term the Aims & Objectives of Surya Children Welfare Service Center, Nepal:

  1. To provide an environment conducive to the physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development of children,
  2. To ensure that basic human rights of children are fulfilled and they can enjoy their childhood,
  3. To provide free residential care services, education, health, recreational and livelihood development opportunities to children who are orphaned, living in difficult circumstances, and victimized by conflict or neglect.
  4. To provide assistance and rescue of women and children being  trafficked and abused.
  5. To initiate action designed to prevent the trafficking and abuse of women and children.
  6. To provide assistance in the social rehabilitation, and physical and mental treatment of women and children who are victims of abuse and trafficking.
  7. To assist in providing necessary legal aid to the victimised, helpless women deprived on their human rights.
  8. To provide needed aid to women victimised by domestic violence , and to operate awareness oriented programs teaching woimen about their rights and deserved benefits from  society.
  9. To romote public awareness  of discrimination against women and children.
  10. To do study and research of prevailing legal provisions related to gender equality, women’s empowerment  and to organize educatuonal programs, seminars and meetings for such purpioses.
  11. To provide training and counseling at no cost to women in fundamental areas that will lead to their financial independence.  These areas may include micro industry concepts realated to baking, candle making, sewing & handicrafts.
  12. To operate adult education programs to further the above mentioned goals and objectives.