Activities Planned ahead

Programmers / Activities Planned Ahead

The organization will continue the ongoing programmers/ activities and with the view of initiating the following:

  • Working with families: Provide support to the families who are economically poor and are not capable enough to support their children’s education, health care and other basic needs.
  • Expanding IG programmer and supporting seed money for business set up: The aim is to enable women to use the skills they learn in skill development training and earn their livelihood.
  • Organizational Capacity development: the aim is to develop a pool of competent and professional human resources within the organization so that they will be able to deliver services to children and their family effectively and efficiently.
  • To provide training to care givers so that the children grow in a child friendly and joyous manner.

Fund raising: Until the earthquakes in 2015, a majority of the  funds required to operate the Center were generated from within the organization. However, to fulfill the objectives of the organization and to expand its reach and coverage, the organization will hereafter initiate and maintain efforts to raise funds from external sources.