Our Way Ahead

Surya Children Welfare Service Center Nepal aims to improve  children’s health status with its continuous effort in providing them with better shelter and improved life style. With growing challenges in accommodating children in the rented facility, Surya Children Welfare Service Center Nepal is planning to buy or construct its own home with the capacity to shelter more than 30 children. With the new infrastructure, Surya Children Welfare Service Center Nepal plans to provide a more secure housing facility, enough space for children to play and study, and a child friendly hygienic environment. As we meet neeeds in order of urgency we wil develop goals and strategies for achieving each of them.  A dsedicatged efforft to securt a pern=manent home for our children is critically important.  We will publish goals and detaqils here in the near future.

We heartily welcome  kind hearted people over the world who are directly or indirectly related to Surya Children Welfare Service Centre Nepal .  Our  family is proud to have you wiuth us. Even your small selfless support can help shape the bright future of our children.