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    We have a new button!

    Who ever thought a button could mean so much! (A statement, not a a question.) Surya Children Welfare Service Center Nepal has been working on it’s website www.scwscn.com/ bringing it up to date and getting the Donation button to work. It Works! We encourage you to try it.
    Now we can accept PayPal and most major credit cards. Donors just click the donate button and complete the sort form and it is done. The gift is in our account almost immediately. Western Union and Bank transfers are still options, so please use the one you find most comfortable and help us meet some urgent financial goals.
    For example, we need a van to transport our children. A van will cost USD31000.00. We will soon initiate a campaign to raise this amount. To make participation attractive to donors, it would help of we had $9000.00 on hand to demonstrate the campaign can be successful. That would then make the campaign goal $22000.00.
    Please help and know we are thankful for past, present and future assistance from our growing circle of caring friends. Thank you and do try our nice new button…
    Surya Children Welfare Service Center, Nepal was established as per the law of Nepal as a non-profit making, child focused human rights organization. The organization is duly registered with District Administration Office (DAO), Lalitpur in April 2008 (13 Baishak 2065 BS) with regd. Number is 2666/391/572. Soon after its registration with the Government, the organization has received affiliation (Affiliation number is 24876) of Social Welfare Council (SWC) of Nepal.

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