Our Mission is in working with the poor, oppressed, suffering Street Children, Trafficking in Woman and Human right and all abandoned children. Surya Children Welfare Service Center Nepal Children´s Fund is committed to building long-term community benefits for the Orphan children, trafficking in Woman and street children . Humanitarian efforts are our vision is to bring relief to the street children and elderly …people where it is needed most.

We accomplish this by rescuing them from the street and providing a safe where they can grow and learn. We also try to initiate community programs that help to protect and safeguard all children and Trafficking in Woman.

We care for these children without regard for race, religion, culture, national origin, or financial or social status. Our long-term and short-term residential care is provided within a family setting centered around love, example, and teaching with the ultimate goal of raising responsible and productive adults.

But we have a dream! We are a non-profit organization created by a group of professional volunteers, with diverse degrees of expertise, who have decided to devote their time, love and knowledge to help the needy children. None of us gets paid.


We need to build our own Orphanage, Surya Children Welfare Service Center Nepal, and Fund Orphanage.


Surya Children Welfare Service Center Nepal Fund is not funded by state or federal money. We rely strictly on the generosity of private donations we are a non-profit organization. We are governed by a Board of President or Executive- Director. Please call or email for answers to questions you may have.

President and Founder: Miss. Namita K.c.
Executive Director : Mr. Milan

The Organization is low on finance; usually you must provide your own finances and your own transportation. Be sure to develop a clear understanding of expectations before you agree to assist in our orphanage.

Just telling these poor children and Trafficking and woman “God loves you”, may not make sense to them until we show them with a hot meal, change of clothes, safe place of sleep, a listening ear, and a warm hand on a trembling shoulder and of course above all giving them a chance to a constructive future through educational training. It is for these reasons that we are inviting you to partner with us to help these children and Trafficking and woman bring them hope.

We would be happy to take you on a tour of our city or discuss ways you may be able to help.


We are starting soon with the defining of concrete projects and need organizational help with this, people who wants to help with their time and management abilities to transform these projects.
One of the most immediate and necessary needs is to build a Five-story building that will separate the male from the female children, and give them more space and freedom. We are looking for a piece of property that is around 5 acres in size allowing for expansion to the childcare’s home.

Raising the capital funds for the orphanage is difficult. We’re looking for donors who can make anywhere from   $5,0, 30,000 or more pledges to get this orphanage built. However even a small amount can go a long way in funding our Nonprofit Charitable Organization. A person’s charity is not measured by the size of the donation, but rather by the genuineness of the intent.

Allocation of Funds:

It is the intent and will of the Board of President/Founder that funds for the projects be used prudently and distributed for their intended purpose. Donors can be assured that 100% of their donations are allocated to the Orphanage´s project. At present there is no paid personnel. All the funds donated are 100% allocated to the Orphanage´s project. It is our intent and desire to put policies and procedures in place that help to monitor the distribution of funds.

1) Funds will be held in an account on behalf of a the Orphanage´s project until at such time the Board of President/Founder feels release of the funds will make an impact on the building of the project.
2) Funds will be distributed as needed to advance the project.
3) Proof of construction will be provided and verified by the Donors.


This is the architect’s vision of what the new orphanage and office space will look like when it is completed. This is the view from the front of the orphanage.

The taller section on the front will be the reception area, office space on the left. The small section on the left a future kitchen, dining room, Library, computer lab, laundry, and staff quarters. The taller section, second floor, will be Play Room and bedrooms for children. The rooms will share a balcony, so the children can all go outside in the fresh air especially in hot weather. While below the first floor a large dining place for the children. The lowest level, recreations and study area. Our dream is that the orphanage can be housed for 200 orphans.

On the very right section will be a pharmacy and medical staff attending the needs of the orphans as well open to the public for the poor families of that area. There will be a very small charge for outside people.

The Surya Children Welfare Service Center Nepal Fund Orphanage likes to think that it is building the foundations of a compassionate society through the love and peace that it offers to the children in its care.

The orphanage President/founder has many plans for securing a good life for the children and Trafficking in Woman that will be living in its premises in the years ahead. All the plans are subject to the amount of money that can be raised through donations and the fund raising activities in which the children partake.

Future Plans:

When there will have a possibility, on the ground behind the property, we shall construct outdoor playground equipment for the children and especially soccer, tennis and basketball fields. Programs will be instituted to promote children becoming more physically active through fun daily fitness, including activities to get kids active and moving.

Support us:

The orphanage will be a totally voluntary and non-profit organization and can survive only by the generous support and which are provided by kind hearted people from all over the world. We hope you will be able to join us in this great cause of keeping the children and Trafficking in Woman and Children happy in a place they can call “Surya Children Welfare Service Center Nepal” and build solid foundations for their present and future. Either wise you can visit in our home.

If you like to send us mail: scwscn.np@gmail.com
Contact No.00977-9841310229 ( Mr.Milan )

Our Philosophy

We think it’s important to communicate the underlying values behind our work because strong relationships are built on shared values. If you share our values we hope you will join with us and be a part of Plan.